patTemplate examples overview

These examples show the functionality of patTemplate in detail. This overview lists all examples with a small description, and to navigate the examples, use the navigation on the left.

patTemplate::Tags (5)

These examples demonstrate the tags that are supported by patTemplate.

patTemplate::Attributes (11)

These examples demonstrate important attributes of patTemplate.

patTemplate::API (11)

This section explains the basic API and shows how patTemplate is being used from PHP.

patTemplate::Readers (5)

patTemplate::Template Types (9)

These examples give you an insight into the different types of templates

patTemplate::Variables (9)

patTemplate::Filters (5)

Filters modify the templates either before they are read (InputFilter), or before they are sent to the browser (OutputFilter)

patTemplate::Caches (1)

Caches are used to reduce the amount of time, patTemplate needs to prepare your output.

patTemplate::Functions (12)

patTemplate Functions allow you to extend the functionality of the Reader. You are able to define your own patTemplate tags and provide PHP code to handle them.

patTemplate::Dump (1)

The patTemplate Dump aids you in debugging your templates and application.

patTemplate::Misc (5)

This section explains miscellaneous features of patTemplate, that did not fit into any of the other categories.

patTemplate::The Real World (9)

This section shows some real-life examples of patTemplate.

patTemplate::Compiler (1)

patTemplate::Variable Modifier (2)